About Eastbourne Liberal Jewish Community

Eastbourne Liberal Jewish Community was founded in 2001. We are a registered charity number 1115670.

We have a part-time rabbi, Rabbi Roberta Harris-Eckstein, ordained in 2018.  Roberta conducts services as well as carrying out educational and pastoral work and lifecycle ceremonies.

The Community is a constituent of Liberal Judaism, one of the leading non-orthodox Jewish denominations in the UK.  For information on Liberal Judaism see www.liberaljudaism.org.  Liberal Judaism welcomes men and women equally and those in mixed faith or same sex relationships.  It also welcomes matrilineal and patrilineal Jews.

Our membership rates for 2018-19 are 125 a year for full adult members and 67 a year for associate or reduced rate members.

If you are interested in conversion to Judaism, please phone/text: 07497 401280 or email: eljc.contact@gmail.com.  We can arrange an initial interview with our Rabbi who will advise on a course of study leading to eventual admission to the Jewish faith.

In some circumstances, reduced rate membership is available.  If you are in genuine financial hardship and/or receive certain state benefits, please complete the application form below and send or scan it to us.  Any information you provide will remain completely confidential.

ELJC can arrange a Jewish funeral (whether for burial or cremation) in Eastbourne or elsewhere for members or non-members conducted by our Rabbi or another Liberal Judaism rabbi.  In the event of a death, please phone 07497 401280 or Rosedale Funeral Service  on 01323 726100.

ELJC can also arrange weddings and marriage blessings (subject to conditions).  To arrange to discuss this with our Rabbi, please phone/text 07497 401280 or email: eljc.contact@gmail.com.

ELJC continues to develop and serves members in the wider East Sussex area as well as in Eastbourne. 

We are always delighted to welcome new members, and if you would like to join membership forms can be found below:

Membership application form  

Reduced rate membership application form 

Standing order form 

Gift aid form 

We are very proud to be a full constituent member of Liberal Judaism.

Dedication of our Sefer Torah on 4th May 2003

Eastbourne Liberal Jewish Community  Registered Charity 1115670

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